“I am invested in you, your path, and your vision of your life. What do you want more of? Joy? Passion? Peace of Mind? What is stopping you from having what you want? You? Others? Lets find out. I can help you discover how you are blocking yourself and how that works in your life. Then together we can create the tools and skills to support you moving past those road blocks and into the vision of YOUR LIFE.

I believe that connection is one of the most fundamental things humans crave.  First, we have to ensure you are connected to yourself. Then we can work on integrating and enhancing the connections you have with others. This is your life…your time…I am here to help you fulfill whatever you want, even things you don’t know of yet. Sometimes you know what you don’t want. You want the pain to go away, the fear to go away, to feel more like you have choice and not just moving along in this life at the control of something or someone else other than you. Let’s work together to change that, from the inside out…at your pace, your tempo, with my skills and the safe place we create, you are already on your way to your BEST life.”

Karen Hudson, C.H.H.C.
Certified Life Coach
Co-Founder of A Woman’s Time

What is Life Coaching?

Life Coaching is focused on where you are now, where you want to be, and what is blocking you or keeping you stuck. We will look at patterns of beliefs, behavior and other areas to help you learn and understand what steps and actions to take to support your life now and your future.

Karen is trained in many modalities that will help to you to create the life you want and learn more about the life you have. Karen will help you look at what may be preventing you from making the changes you want and help you to create ways to break down goals, projects and plans into practical, do-able actions steps.

Karen is highly trained in how fear and disappointment can run rampant in one’s life and is ready to help you through a current hard time, a long term struggle, or a maze that you may not even understand or get.

Karen is also a trained counselor so you will have the added benefit of being able to work with one person through any trauma or healing that may come up during your sessions. Typically Life Coaches are not trained counselors and do not have the traditional or formal training in the psychodynamic of how the past traumas need to be healed. With Karen you will have both.

In looking for a Life Coach, remember to look at the length of certification. Some are only a few days or one month. If you are going to invest in your emotional healing and journey support yourself with someone who is a member the IAC, ICF, or a National Coaching Certification Association and a Life Coach who has had rigorous training and had practice seeing clients.

Do I have to come in to have coaching?

No. Karen can do phone, Skype or in-person sessions. She typically sees a person every other week, and upon agreement it may be a shorter or longer time in between. Sessions are $90.00 for 50 minutes. There are some reduced rate slots available each year.

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