Naturopathic Physician


Dr. Sara Gili Schwerd is a licensed naturopathic physician practicing in Portland, Oregon following her graduation from The National University of Natural Medicine in 2021. She is currently a resident at “A Woman’s Time,” where she will be working in collaboration with Dr. Tori Hudson and seeing patients privately. Dr. Sara Gili has a particular interest in working with women of all ages, as they move through life’s stages. She has received extensive training and mentorship in pelvic floor health, and is certified in Integrative Pelvic Therapy. Additionally, Dr. Sara Gili completed a post-grad mentorship focused in neuroendocrinology, functional gastroenterology, pre-conceptive care and nutrigenomics (individualized recommendations based on specialized genetic testing used to determine causation of illnesses/imbalances and risk for future illnesses).

Before attending medical school, Dr. Sara Gili developed her passion for the natural sciences while working in the fields of anthropology, archeology, and organic permaculture. Guided by her deep admiration and love for the wisdom of the natural world, Dr. Sara Gili works to help her patients reconnect with their vitality and their body’s innate intelligence.

She believes that healing happens between office visits, that the individual is the doer and fixer, and the physician provides evaluation, tools and guidance to support patients on their healing journey. Dr. Sara Gili loves to educate her patients and help them feel a sense of empowerment and partnership in caring for oneself. She values each patient as a unique and special human being and integrates cutting-edge science and traditional wisdom to address the whole person.

She uses a broad range of treatment modalities that include botanical and nutraceutical medicine, lifestyle and nutritional counseling, homeopathy, hydrotherapy, abdominal and pelvic myofascial release, mindfulness techniques, and when necessary pharmaceuticals.

She holds a deep respect for the doctor-patient relationship and the sacred or special time shared at each visit. Dr. Sara Gili is grateful for the privilege to be able to practice medicine and looks forward to providing you with the warm, individualized care that you deserve.