This program offers nutritional counseling, exercise programming, and lifestyle guidance for safe and effective weight loss that is sustainable. Medical weight loss programs offer a comprehensive approach to addressing underlying health-related obstacles, chronic disease management, and treating and preventing obesity under the supervision and direction of a licensed naturopathic medical doctor.

In this program you can expect to see changes in regards to fat loss, size, and overall fitness level. It addresses all variables of health including muscle tone and density, aerobic and cardiovascular fitness improvements, and weight loss dependent on goal and current fitness level. With so many benefits to overall health and fitness, everyone can benefit from this program! So, what are you waiting for?

This 4-week program includes:

Medically Supervised Detox

A medical formulated detox shake is provided to support organ detoxification pathways, reduce overall inflammation, improve health parameters, support nutritional needs, and supplement micronutrient depletion that occurs with increased activity and weight loss.

Dietary Guidance

A whole-foods, anti-inflammatory diet is recommended during the program to reduce overall inflammation, improve health parameters, support nutritional needs, and assess common food allergens and sensitivities. A list of approved foods and meal planning ideas are provided for you.

Exercise Programming

An exercise assessment and program is provided to address your fitness goals personalized to address your individual needs and level of activity.

· Nutrient injections- Weekly intramuscular injections are provided containing micronutrients that support fat utilization, metabolism, and energy during the program.

Customized Support

There are program add-ons available that can increase how quickly you see results depending on what is suitable for your unique needs, including weight loss pills, creams, and subcutaneous injections.

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